The Sea and Cake "Harps" (video)

The Sea and Cake 'Harps' (video)
"Harps" may be another excellent jazz/Krautrock jam off of indie vets the Sea & Cake's new the Runner LP, but the video for the easy-listening cut seems to capture the beginnings of a different musical combo.

The track finds two friends shooting hoops, popping balloons with throwing stars and smoking in the woods, but it also has the pair exploring avant-garde recording techniques. After finding some recording equipment in the trash, they pull a full-on Matmos, and capture the sounds of freshly stepped-upon sand, the pop of a peeled banana top, and the crunch of a munched-on celery stick. You can't hear any of this, naturally, but you can imagine the aural smorgasbord it as the scene unfolds in the video down below.

As previously reported, the Sea & Cake are currently on tour and play Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre November 1.