Scott MacKay

Ironwood Stage & Grill, Calgary AB, February 26

Photo: Ryan Kostel

BY Anna AlgerPublished Feb 27, 2016

Scott MacKay and his band, with their classic country sound in tow, offered little introduction to most songs, instead letting the sheer feeling of the music wash over the audience. Sweet vocal harmonies by Scott and his twin brother Ben characterized the music, with warm upright bass playing and some rugged guitar jams adding to the mix. MacKay's music has a dark and foreboding atmosphere to it, accentuated by the musicians' skilled interplay.
A notable example of MacKay and his band's ability to build the intensity of their songs was heard in their cover of "The House of the Rising Sun." MacKay began the song on his acoustic guitar, the electric guitar and rhythm section slowly entering the fray, upping the song's drama throughout. The musicians managed to retain their haunting sound while getting the audience clapping and stomping along to their last number, which continued to showcase MacKay and his twin's rich vocal harmonies.

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