Scissor Sisters Complete Night Work on Wedgie-Adorned New Album

Scissor Sisters Complete <i>Night Work</i> on Wedgie-Adorned New Album
If you've spent the past four years sadly singing songs with thinly veiled sexual references to yourself, you're either crazy, or you've been waiting patiently for a new album by New York glam lovers Scissor Sisters. Either way, you're in for a treat: the band have just announced a release date for their third full-length studio album.

Scissor Sisters have completed recording Night Work, which will hit shelves in North America on June 29 via Polydor. The band's Jake Shears claims, "Night Work is really us boiled down to who we are. It feels quintessentially us." That refers somewhat, we hope, to the naughty cover artwork above.

The album will be preceded by single "Fire With Fire" a week prior to its release, but you can hear a taster of the track "Invisible Light" below, or at the band's website here. And, um, EW says that's Sir Ian McKellen doing the spoken work bit.

Night Work:

1. "Night Work"
2. "Whole New Way"
3. "Fire With Fire"
4. "Any Which Way"
5. "Harder You Get"
6. "Running Out"
7. "Something Like This"
8. "Skin This Cat"
9. "Skin Tight"
10. "Sex and Violence"
11. "Night Life"
12. "Invisible Light"