Scissor Sisters Scissor Sisters

New York City’s Scissor Sisters (slang for lesbian) have been terrorising the UK charts for six months now, scoring a top ten album and single with their hedonistic disco-fabulous glam pop. At first the ball rolled because of the apparent novelty in their nod to Pink Floyd, yet this group have the complete package to rely on, not just a fantastic batch of glittery Bee Gees, Ziggy Stardust and Elton John pop. Led by singers Jake Shears and Ana Matronic and multi-instru(mentalist) Babydaddy, the Sisters are as visually stimulating as their disco tunes, presenting an epitomised snapshot from the dance floor of Club 54. Anthems are presented in "Laura,” "Take Your Mama,” their smash hit cover of Floyd’s "Comfortably Numb” and "Tits On The Radio,” a perfect anti-Giuliani companion to !!!’s hit from last year. Surprisingly, the Sisters aren’t one-trick dance machines either. They can pull off a true, sentimental ballad as well as their pop idol Elton, matching him word for word with numbers like "Mary” and "Return To Oz,” the powerful come-down commentary on the damage of drugs in gay discos. Scissor Sisters is a flawless debut that is as delightful as the thought of riding into the Magical Forest on the last unicorn. Leave the novelty acting to the Darkness, because this band is for real. (Polydor)