Schoolboy Q "Hell of a Night" (video)

Schoolboy Q 'Hell of a Night' (video)
Let's face it, 2014 has been pretty damn good for self-defined "man of the year" Schoolboy Q. Now, the Cali rapper is giving us a magnifying-glass look at the craziness of it all by showing off a hazy party scene in the new video for "Hell of a Night."

Q gets his night going by gulping down a rather insane looking smoothie comprising a rainbow assortment of illicit pills, a cactus, and half a bottle of Olde English. After slamming down the sludgy, mind-altering mix, we see the guy moving through rooms to dance with pill-poppers, body-movers, senior citizens and balaclava-sporting escapees from the Spring Breakers set.

There are also blurred-out bedroom scenes to behold, as well as creepy piƱata attacks, unsanitary dental surgeries, and the generosity of an overly enthusiastic organ donor.

You'll find the hedonistic hip-hop video for the Oxymoron track down below.