Saves the Day Through Being Cool

They're young, but they're no Silverchair or the Moffats. At an average age of 20 years old, it’s amazing that Saves the Day sound as mature and worldly wise as they do. Through Being Cool, the New Jersey-based quintet's second full-length, shows a band that is wise beyond its years both lyrically and musically. They are part of a new wave of similar bands that includes Fastbreak and Juliana Theory. Drawing inspiration from teen angst and a record collection that likely includes the entire Dag Nasty, Jawbreaker and Samiam collections, STD offers up a dozen tasty slices of melodic, aggressive emo rock with more skill and satisfactory results than some older and more established bands. I can already see the major label bigwigs flipping through the clever full-colour liner note booklet of this disc and figuring out ways to exploit them. (Equal Vision)