Satyricon Rebel Extravaganza

After predating this new release with a confusing experimental CD-EP (Intermezzo II) earlier this year, Norwegian black metallers Satyricon have returned with one of the genre’s best releases of 1999. While the production values have been beefed up over past Satyricon releases, the music is still as fierce as ever. Rebel Extravaganza is an exercise in extreme; its 12 tracks border on manic at nearly every turn. Lead by the spot on drumming of longtime member Frost, the 12 tracks are described by main songwriter Satyr as being his most misanthropic yet. Joined on this release by members of Darkthrone and Thorns, both of which have recorded for Satyr’s own Moonfog label, and the band sounds better than ever. Even though the band is far too extreme to ever attain any sort of commercial success, Rebel… may be their big chance to gain acceptance within the metal world and should catapult the band to the next level such as like-minded Norwegians Emperor have managed to do. (Nuclear Blast)