Satan's Host Power - Purity - Perfection 999

Their fifth album, and fourth since their revitalization, Power ― Purity ― Perfection 999, from Denver, CO's servants of Satan, is a diamond wrapped in cheese. Get past the terrible cover art, the overuse of tired lyrics about how the band wish Satan would rise to the Earth and overcome ― or is it that he is already here and we should bow down and sacrifice ourselves? ― and you have a solid, kick-ass classic metal album that successfully incorporates elements of death, thrash and black metal with the occasional thoughtful interlude. Founder /guitarist Patrick Evil shines on "333" and acoustic track "Buer Pt. 11," and "ritual vocalist" Eli Elixer displays a variance of vocal styles, especially on "End All-Be All," that clearly demonstrates not only his skill but the thought that went into to this well-executed album. Luciferianism is obviously important to this band, but they might want to lighten up in order to extend their fan base. (Moribund)