Satan's Host Burning The Born Again ( A New Philosophy)

Some might say Satan is a little over-glorified in the metal genre, threatening to become campy in his characterisations. Of course, none of these excesses matter to those in love with the Morning Star, as Satan’s Host prove with the latest 70-minute ovation to their favourite unholy heartbreaker. Alas, devotion can be blinding; it can convince a band that lacing your record with raspy spoken word interludes is a fitting tribute to the dark lord, rather than something embarrassing and regrettably goofy. It can make them think he’d be proud of several eight-minute epics that contain little variation or legitimate hellfire. Indeed, for a record wholly dedicated to evil spirits, much of the material is strangely unaffecting, with promising glimmers of blackened thrash wading in less interesting waters. True believers are already sold; they’ll just worship and enjoy the accompanying score. Posers like myself, however, will have to resign themselves to not getting it. (Moribund)