SassyBlack "Present (Said I Really Want You Babe)" on Exclaim! TV

SassyBlack 'Present (Said I Really Want You Babe)' on Exclaim! TV
Multi-talented Seattle-based musician Catherine Harris-White, a.k.a. SassyBlack, captivated us with her previous performance on Exclaim! TV when she did the compelling, silky-smooth track "New Boo" off her latest LP, No More Weak Dates. Now, the former THEESatisfaction member is back with another song.

You won't find "Present (Said I Really Want You Babe)" on Harris-White's most recent album, but the gem of an R&B track is hypnotic as it is stunning, with its sparse, minimalist beats leaving plenty of room for Harris-White's vocals to shine through as she repeatedly croons "you should be here," rarely breaking eye contact with the camera.

Let the enticing number worm its way into your mind by watching her performance in the player below. 

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres

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