SassyBlack "New Boo" on Exclaim! TV

SassyBlack 'New Boo' on Exclaim! TV
When Seattle-based musician Catherine Harris-White's not writing, acting or curating events, the former member of R&B/hip-hop duo THEESatisfaction makes music solo under the moniker SassyBlack. Harris-White, a trained jazz singer, has written, produced and sang on a myriad records, combining her signature style of raw yet empowering lyrics and soulful vocals.

The multi-talented chanteuse has been busy with her artistic endeavours, but she recently made time to stop by the Exclaim! backyard to perform "New Boo" off the just-released album No More Weak Dates. In the clip below, Harris-White sings "I'm a lioness" atop a makeshift throne, demonstrating her smooth vocals over a slippery funk/soul beat. Watch her performance of the compelling new tune for just a taste of the new LP.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres

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