Sascha Dive Restless Nights

Sascha Dive's excursions into the anonymous world of stripped down grooves have garnered the young Frankfurt native a considerable amount of attention in global deep house circles these past few years. Sascha's sound ― one part late night early '90s NYC house, equal parts deep Detroit techno soul and a dash of modern, spaced-out druggieness ― has found his tunes on DJ charts spanning the full spectrum of dance music's tastemakers. Restless Nights, Dive's first full-length offering, provides us with ten tracks of straight-up grooves, perfect for DJs seeking simplistic, rumbling, darker edged house proven to make crowds go wild late into the night. Don't expect instant satisfaction by means of flashy builds and over the top effects; Dive's focus with Restless Nights centres upon hypnotic house grooves that have become massively popular in the wake of minimalist techno's fall from popularity last year. (Deep Vibes)