Sarin 'Darker Lakes' (album stream)

Sarin 'Darker Lakes' (album stream)
Post-metal has been described as thinking man's metal for it's transcendence of heavy music, but while its composers are perhaps intellectual about its creation, sometimes the best way to consume it is to forego thought in favour of feeling, letting it wash over you. Such as the case on Sarin's Darker Lakes, an album with as many layers as elder trees have rings and one that is inspired by them.

You can now hear the album for yourself, as we have all nine songs available for stream below.

Opener "Ice Wrought" makes reference to a waterfall and approximates their cascading might via its gruff melody, while follow-up "Amber Guide" comes closer to a tide, with a beautiful opening and ending being split with a battering mid-section.

The beginning of "Embers Circling Downward" approximates the simplistic foreboding feeling John Carpenter achieved with Halloween's main melody and builds upon it, while "Ocean Burn" starts out downright optimistic before the dark clouds roll in for a thunderous second half.

By the time you get to the nearly 11-minute closer, "Low Moon," you'll already feel like you've been on a journey, though you'll no doubt be down to take one more.

Experience all of the above and more via the player below and pre-order the vinyl if you're so inclined, and don't miss their upcoming shows.

Tour dates:

08/11 Toronto, ON - Coalition *
08/12 Owen Sound, ON - H2O Lounge (Slimer Fest) ^

* with Yeti on Horseback, Hunter Gatherer, Ischemic
^ with Sinner, Guiltfeeder, Cruel Bloom and more