Sarah Slean "The Devil & the Dove" (video)

Sarah Slean 'The Devil & the Dove' (video)
As you may remember, Sarah Slean's 2011 double-LP Land & Sea was split into two halves, with the two discs appropriately themed Land and Sea, respectively. Now, Slean has released a video for the Sea track "The Devil & the Dove," and the imagery is fittingly nautical.

The clip accompanying this orchestral, Kate Bush-esque track features artsy slow-motion scenes that largely revolves around water, snow and religion. There's not much of a narrative, but you'll see dramatic images of schoolyard fights, stigmata and running horses along with lots of lingering closeups of townspeople.

A description accompanying the song on YouTube notes that the video features "the stunning landscape and people of Pouch Cove, Newfoundland," where Sea was largely composed.