Sarah Neufeld Shares New 'Detritus' Tune "The Top"

BY Josiah HughesPublished Apr 15, 2021

Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre mainstay Sarah Neufeld will go solo for a third time with her new album Detritus next montj. Today, she's previewing the LP with another new track.

"The Top" follows "With Love and Blindness" and "Stories." The latest song has arrived today via a new video.

Of "The Top," Neufeld shared the following statement:

"The Top" is an emblem of my soloistic performance and writing style. The piece came together one melodic puzzle fragment at a time, written on my instrument while playing, repeating phrases over until fluid and calling toward the next unfolding passage. Performing "The Top" is at once trance like and difficult; one off-putting thought easily throws the whole thing off the rails. It was the first brick in the album. The only piece without drums or other instrumentation, it's just me, centered in the whirlwind of my own creation. "The Top" represents change, and the struggle in making peace with oneself.

Watch the video for "The Top" below. 

Detritus arrives on May 14 through Paper Bag Records. It marks her first solo release since 2016's The Ridge.

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