Sarah Neufeld Heads into the Mediterranean Wilderness in "With Love and Blindness" Video

The song appears on her new album 'Detritus'

BY Allie GregoryPublished Mar 10, 2021

Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre mainstay Sarah Neufeld is due to release her third solo album Detritus in May, and today, she is sharing a new visual accompaniment for the record's "With Love and Blindness."

Shot on the Mediterranean island Corsica, Neufeld's latest video "is an exploration of our time there, surrounded by the rugged nature of this Mediterranean island that lends so well to the energy behind her music," according to director Jason Last.

Neufeld explained:

I knew that Jason and I would work together again on some visual aspect for my third solo release, and it so happened that before I even began recording the album, we were presented with the opportunity to do a mini residence on Corsica with Providenza; an amazing collective with a farm, cultural laboratory, festival and residency program.

I found that the pulse of the landscape resonated with the essence of the music, especially "With Love and Blindness"; a sense of rawness, of sensuality, of a strange gravity intensified by the hypnotic summer heat and the general otherworldliness of the place.

The violinist's new album is due on May 14 through Paper Bag Records. It marks her first solo release since 2016's The Ridge.

Recordings from the album were birthed from a collaboration with dancer/choreographer Peggy Baker dating back to 2015. Along with her Arcade Fire bandmate Jeremy Gara on drums and synths, Bell Orchestre compatriot Pietro Amato on French horn and flautist Stuart Bogie, the seven-track record promises "luminous compositions" and a "gorgeous evolution" of Neufeld's sound.

Previously, Neufeld shared the album's lead single "Stories."

Watch the video for "With Love and Blindness" below.

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