In Search of Solid Ground

BY Travis PersaudPublished Dec 1, 2009

This release won't just disappoint fans of Saosin's first album, and its equality is the one true positive that can be taken from In Search of Solid Ground. After surviving Anthony Green's departure, finding Cove Reber and gaining a solid fan base via endless touring, the quintet fail to find the mellow medium they're aiming for on their sophomore full-length. Halfway through the record, Reber's high-pitched vocals begin to blend together and it's difficult to hear the distinction between songs. "The Worst of Me" could easily fit into "Changing" and listeners wouldn't bat an eye. The closer, "Fireflies," is the only track that's on the way to engaging, with tinkering guitar lines and a steady beat that lays the groundwork for mellow, plodding vocals. This should (and hopefully will) be the springboard from which the band jump from for their next offering.

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