Sally Shapiro's Johan Agebjörn Announces Casablanca Nights

Sally Shapiro's Johan Agebjörn Announces <i>Casablanca Nights</i>
It's been a busy year for Swedish DJ/producer Johan Agebjörn. First, the Sally Shapiro member issued the ambient album The Mountain Lake in February, and his Watch the World Go By single is set to drop tomorrow (April 12). Now Agebjörn has finally revealed the details on his upcoming Casablanca Nights project.

Paper Bag Records will issue the album on May 10 and the set will feature a number of collaborations. Agebjörn teamed up with the likes of CFCF, Steve Moore (Lovelock, Zombi, Miracle), Fred Ventura, Lake Heartbeat, Le Prix and more, sending files back and forth to the artists over the internet. Vocals and instrumental accompaniment were recorded all over the world, from Montreal to London, Pittsburgh to Milan, with the producer himself working from his Swedish studio.

While Sally Shapiro focused more on a vintage, Italo-disco vibe, Casablanca Nights reportedly swaps the chilly synths for the feel of "tropical urban disco nights." If "Watch the World Go By" was any indication of what to expect, it's about to get hot in here. You can download the cut here.

Casablanca Nights:

1. "8ths" (Intro Edit)

2. "The Last Day of Summer" [with Ercola & Queen of Hearts]

3. "This Case Is Closed" (Remix) [with Friday Bridge]

4. "Watch the World Go By" [with Le Prix & Lake Heartbeat]

5. "Casablanca Nights" [with Lovelock & Sally Shapiro]

6. "Alice" [with Fred Ventura, Le Prix & Sally Shapiro]

7. "Spacer Woman From Mars" [with Sally Shapiro]

8. "So Fine All The Time" [with Legowelt & Wolfram]

9. "Le Noir Et Le Blanc Sur Le Plano"  [with Sally Shapiro]

10. "Memories of Satie" [with CFCF]

11. "Stranger" (Chill Remix) [with Halftone]