Sally Seltmann "Billy" (Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless remix)

Sally Seltmann 'Billy' (Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless remix)
Jon Lawless sure gets around. In addition to playing in First Rate People, performing as Swim Good and writing songs with a string of cohorts, he and collaborator Mary Cassidy have remixed Sally Seltmann's song "Billy."

Seltmann — who used to go by the name New Buffalo and co-wrote Feist's "1234" — previously relased "Billy" as the first single from this year's Hey Daydreamer. This remix isn't too drastic a change from the bright, poppy mood of the original, but Lawless and Cassidy set the lush, bouncing instrumentation to a more insistent, dreamily danceable pulse.

Hey Daydreamer is out through Arts & Crafts.