The Saint Alvia Cartel

The Saint Alvia Cartel
Taking the stage well after 1am as part of an unofficial CASBYs after party ('cause the real one was lame), a very intoxicated Saint Alvia Cartel somehow managed to crash through an awesome set culled from their self-titled debut.

This particular conversation happened in the basement of the Bovine, a basement that is about as dank as one might expect after a quick survey of the Bovine's bar proper. Lead singer Ben Rispin had been corralled earlier in the day into interviewing (for us!) Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace, as well as James Black from Finger Eleven. Having him interview his own band seemed like a good way to top off the night; at various points, the conversation utterly disintegrated into (at first) viciously mocking bassist Greg Fisher, only to be turned around into, "Everyone say something nice about Greg Fisher."

The three-minute-plus video you're now seeing was actually about twenty minutes of drunken hilarity / hostility, involving the firing of soundman / tour manager Donny Cooper and the subsequent hiring of Boys Night Out frontman Conner Lovat-Fraser in his place. By the end of the night, though, all was forgiven. Or, more likely, forgotten.

"Time To Go"

"Don't Wanna Wait Forever"