Sade to Release First New Album in Nine Years

Sade to Release First New Album in Nine Years
After nearly a decade of silence, long-lost soul queen Sade is getting ready for a comeback.

Via a newly launched website, the Nigerian-born singer-songwriter announced that she and her band will release their first album since 2000's Lovers Rock on November 24 via Sony. If you're wondering why it's taken the 50-year-old this long to actually release a new Sade record, according to the website, "She does not make albums for the money, Sade is an artist who creates music purely on inspiration. Hence why we've waited nearly a decade for another release, like a poet with a nine-year dry spell until she fell in love again, Sade will bless us with another classic."

There is no title yet for the new album, nor is there a tracklisting. However, the website does fill us in on a few other details. First, it says the record is coming out in late November because "Sade loves the Holidays..." It also says, "Regardless of the new talent and musical trends that have come and gone since her last studio album, one thing will never change, her honeyed voice." And finally, the site quotes Sade herself, who assures us she has avoided any trend-hoping.

"We're lucky that we have some platform already established that we can step back onto," she said. "We haven't ever adapted to fit in and even right at the very beginning we didn't really fit in. We have our own kind of course and that's the route we go. So we either sink or swim."

To refresh your memory on where Sade left off, you can check out this review we did back in the day of Lovers Rock, or this vid of Beachwood Sparks covering the album's "By My Side.".