Sack und Blumm Kind Kind

I was moved close to tears after listening to this CD in its entirety. The music is so pretty that it almost drowns you with a powerful sense of sentimentality. Kind Kind is comprised mainly of instrumental jam sessions that hit mid range on the emotional barometer on most of the material. The musical interplay between guitars to horns to piano to more unconventional instruments, animal sounds and objects are clever and catchy. In fact Kind Kind could almost be written off as a decent album until the last few tracks that surge with a sense of sad but sweet nostalgia. The barometer however, is ruptured by the title track, "Kind Kind,” a simple piano hook, a mournful droning horn and a simple toy box melody. I found that every note played by the toy box plucked my strings deeper and deeper until I was left glassy eyed and a little shaken. Not what one would expect from a mere jam session between two exceptionally gifted musicians. (Staubgold)