RZA Donates to Chess Program for At-Risk Youth in Missouri

RZA Donates to Chess Program for At-Risk Youth in Missouri
Wu-Tang Clan mastermind RZA has always shown us "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" and now he'll take that knowledge to the next level, funding a new chess program for at-risk youth.

The competitive chess player recently made a seriously impressive move by donating a large amount of money to the Hip-Hop Chess Federation. Through that organization, he's helping establish a program that will teach chess to juvenile hall inmates in St. Louis. In addition to the donation, he'll be a board member for the project. 

RZA sat down with some of St. Louis's incarcerated youth (some of whom live in Ferguson) to play chess before making a donation to the HHCF organization. He explained how chess has helped him throughout his life. 

"It's a game of chess in one sense, but in another it's a study of life," he said. "We in the Hip-Hop Chess Federation are striving to bring awareness to American's, to Black youth, but to the whole of American youth…. That chess study, along with martial arts, along with music- is the best way to help develop your mind and body and protect you from pitfalls in life that will surely come at you."

Thanks to Okayplayer for the tip.