Ryuichi Sakamoto "Andata" (Oneohtrix Point Never rework)

Ryuichi Sakamoto 'Andata' (Oneohtrix Point Never rework)
Oneohtrix Point Never has been enjoying his success in the world of film scoring as of late, but he isn't one to turn down a chance to rework a recent composition from Japan music hero Ryuichi Sakamoto.

The producer born Daniel Lopatin has shared a rework of Sakamoto's "Andata," taken from the Japanese composer's async LP that arrived earlier this year. You can hear it in the player below.

The rework comes from a companion LP titled async - remodels that will also feature remixes from Arca, Cornelius, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Motion Graphics, Electric Youth and more. It is set to arrive this fall through Milan Records, with each remix arriving on a bi-weekly basis until then.

Sakamoto has also revealed async will finally arrive on vinyl September 8 through Milan. In addition, he's launched a short film competition based on the record, in which entrants can win cash prizes or custom music written by Sakamoto himself. More information on the contest can be found here.

Meanwhile, Oneohtrix Point Never's Good Time soundtrack — which won the Cannes Soundtrack Award and saw the producer work with Iggy Pop — is due to arrive August 11 through Warp.