Ruth's Hat Bye Bye Love

These border crossing bandits (two members from Detroit, MI, and three from London, ON) take a stab at that '50s rock'n'roll sound. They have the innocence, back-up vocals and rolling guitar riffs that fit the generation, but that time is over and changing music from re-hashed '50s cover band means more than adding some punky riffs. The '50s were a great era to draw influences from, but please, just influences. Successful bands such like Danko Jones, Social Distortion and even the Stray Cats have a harder, dirtier and meaner side. Anyone trying to get their '50s rock'n'roll fix won't find it in this suburban newbie band. Ruth's Hat is more like West Side Story meets Rancid. But let's not be so hard on them. I bet they are darn good fun to watch at your high school dance. (Mutant Pop)