RTX Transmaniacon

Transmaniacon sees the resurrection of Royal Trux as RTX (without Neil Hagerty) and instantly commands attention without settling for anything less than complete submission. Vocalist Jennifer Herrema spits out tough, raunchy vocals that could kick Joan Jett’s ass any day. The sensation that is Herrema makes this especially clear on the standout track "Joint Chief.” Reminiscent of the 1980 to ’82 era that kicked-started such legendary oddities as Lydia Lunch, this release, on the whole, is provocative and engaging. From the start it is obvious that RTX isn’t a band that’s about to be conventional. Halfway through the record that point is emphasised with creeping synths that lend a space rock quality to the sound. Near the end of the album, the band starts rocking and rolling again with reeling guitar solos. Things even get a little more upbeat with "Pulling Out Now,” a rollicking track that sneers and snarls in and out of a pop frenzy. Everything here merits the attention it’s asking for. (Drag City)