RTX JJ Got Live RaTX

Fuck Chinese Democracy (and Dr. Pepper too). The baddest Sunset Strip-evoking hair metal album has arrived already, thanks to Jennifer Herrema’s RTX. JJ GOT Live RaTX is an unapologetically balls-to-the-wall hard rock record loaded with caterwauling guitars screaming in from every direction and bouncing off hard rhythms. The musical histrionics of Nadav Eisenman, Brian McKinley, Kurt Midness and Jaimo Welch would be centre-stage were it not for the demonic presence of Herrema on vocals. After a two-minute instrumental build, Herrema’s commanding insistence that "You Should Shut Up” is actually kind of terrifying. Sure, the vocoder effect recalls Bon Jovi initially but darkness soon sets in. Guitars gasp for air, as RTX strangle a storming blur of notes on "How’d You Do It?” and "Rainbow High,” and just pulverize each song they tackle on JJ Got Live RaTX, an unexpected supplement for any appetite for destruction. (Drag City)