Rrose Métropolis, Montreal QC, May 29

Rrose Métropolis, Montreal QC, May 29
Photo: Trung Dung Nguyen
Cloaked in a monochromatic tunic dress and shrouded in mystery, genderqueer American producer Rrose took the stage after an energetic set by Panorama Bar resident Steffi, and immediately we were miles away from the earlier disappointments experienced at the Métropolis. Taking full advantage of the stage setup, Rrose's set used the lighting to frame his/her performance in an almost Cartesian fashion. You were almost instantly transported to the days of big warehouse raves, where the music was fast, hard and loud, and revellers completely lost themselves in the experience.
Rrose's brand of techno is entrancingly relentless, and performed a set that rarely came up for air. The sequencing was perfect, with every track blending into the next seamlessly, forming its own electronic narrative. The lighting added to the experience, entrapping Rrose in cages of light, yet managing to keep the focus on the music. There was a series of cascading buildups, never meant to lead us to a massive drop, simply content in increasing the intensity. And the addition of ship-like horns and sirens reinforced the old-school rave nostalgia. Towards the end of the set, just when you thought the beats couldn't possibly get any harder, Rrose cranked things up a couple of notches, to close off on the ultimate high.
This is what the MÉTROPOLIS nights are supposed to be — an outlet for physical expression where you leave your thinking cap at the door and let your body embrace the music. And just as suddenly as Rrose's set began, it was suddenly all over, leaving revellers stunned and satisfied.