Röyksopp "You Know I Have to Go" / "Sordid Affair"

Röyksopp 'You Know I Have to Go' / 'Sordid Affair'
Electronic duo Röyksopp recently announced that they were saying farewell to the album format and will release one final full-length in The Inevitable End. Though they're not actually calling it quits, they sure love to say goodbye — a fact that's emphasized further on the new track "You Know I Have to Go."

The emotional slow-burner features vocals from Jamie McDermott of the UK group the Irrepressibles, and offers a lengthy, bummed-out build. A statement from the group chalks the song's structure up to "The attraction and the doubt; the dilemma as whether to succumb to one's feelings or not. The sheer length of the track is meant to illustrate the prolonging internal struggle between reason and lust."

Listen to "You Know I Have to Go" and read along with its lyrics here.

UPDATE: You can also hear the newly shared track "Sordid Affair" over here.

The Inevitable End is set to arrive on November 11 via Cherrytree/Interscope.