Röyksopp "Skulls" (video)

Röyksopp 'Skulls' (video)
Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp recently delivered what they claim is their final traditional album with The Inevitable End, and following the trajectory of traditional album promotion, they've now unveiled a music video for single "Skulls."

The clip itself is far from the usual, however, offering a glimpse into "the ominous journey of Svein and Torbjørn with friends and 83-year-old Adolf into dark woods and dark places."

It was directed by fellow Norwegian and long-time collaborator Stian Andersen and features freaky black and white footage reminiscent of what the Blair Witch Project might look like at a rave.

Röyksopp's Exclaim!-approved The Inevitable End is available now through Arts & Crafts. Check out the video for "Skulls" below.