Röyksopp "Monument" (The Inevitable End Version) (ft. Robyn)

Röyksopp 'Monument' (The Inevitable End Version) (ft. Robyn)
Though having recently issued a collaborative EP with Robyn, electronic duo Röyksopp are already conceptualizing their next step. Ahead of an official album announcement, though, the pair are kinda promoting a new direction with a redone version of Do It Again's "Monument."

Dubbed "The Inevitable End Version," the truncated alternate editon juices up the scaled-down airiness of the original. Here, Robyn's vocals are presented along with a bombastic snare boom and filthy, mud-slinging synth sounds.

A statement from the Norwegian outfit explains that the remix "represents a bridge between our recent work with Robyn and the new Röyksopp album — it is also an indication of things to come."