Royal Canoe

Today We're Believers

BY Melody LauPublished Aug 30, 2013

There's a kaleidoscopic effect to Royal Canoe's music; their myriad sounds and influences are thrown into a vessel that spits it back out in remarkably hypnotic patterns. While this might not sound ideal in theory, when you take a peek at the final product, it's all spiralling and swirling. Today We're Believers is the sophomore release from this now fully formed Winnipeg, MB six-piece. Fronted by Matt Peters (who takes on the Kevin Barnes role of the group), Royal Canoe's sound has fully blossomed into its psychedelic configurations. "Button Fumbla" is a warped hip-hop track haunted by heavy vocals, whereas "Hold On to the Metal" relies on a more traditional guitar riff and rock song structure. Both work, showing Royal Canoe's ability to shape shift from song to song. Single "Bathtubs" is a definite highlight, pairing chanted pop choruses with a plethora of instrumentations that turn at every corner. This is what keeps Royal Canoe's music intriguing and exciting, although even in its canon of flourishing fun it is at risk of plateauing, especially near the end of the 12-track album. Thankfully, six-and-a-half-minute opus "If I Had A House" ends the album perfectly. In Today We're Believers' neatly organized scope of chaotic, sometimes battling sounds, we have gradually also become disciples.

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