Ross From Friends Aphelion

Ross From Friends Aphelion
Though the track itself was released nearly three years ago (and the EP it appears on a year-and-a-half later), "Talk to Me You'll Understand," the monster, hazy lo-fi house track by Ross From Friends (Felix Weatherall), is still making the rounds and sparking conversation, much like the producer himself.
On its heels comes new Brainfeeder signee Weatherall's anticipated EP, Aphelion. Oscillating from lo-fi to hi-fi and asserting himself as a leading figure in tech house, the production on Aphelion reaches beyond what you'd expect from someone with a handful of tracks and EPs under their belt.
The four-track release follows Weatherall's distillation of dance floor and Hi-NRG Eurobeat while exploring the experimental nature Brainfeeder is known for. Opening track "Don't Wake Dad" fiddles with the balance, letting shots of bass seep through open fissures. It's like resting the radio dial between two stations and letting one frequency overpower the other, while still feeling the hum and vibration of both.
Single "John Cage" maintains a sense of fun with a freestyle relaxation-tape vibe across the intro, settling into an airy lo-fi hum that's a perfect push for spring. If Ross From Friends hasn't been on your radar, now's the time to set the producer in your sights. (Brainfeeder)