Ronnie James Dio's Long-Awaited Autobiography 'Rainbow in the Dark' Finally Set for Release

It promises to be "a frank, startling, often hilarious, sometimes sad testament to dedication and ambition"

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Feb 16, 2021

Ronnie James Dio's long-anticipated autobiography, Rainbow in the Dark, is at last set for release. The book by the late metal icon will arrive on July 27 via Simon & Schuster.

Prior the Dio's death in 2010, the famed singer — known for lending his pipes to the likes of Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio — had been working on the autobiography, but it's only now been completed with the help of music writer Mick Wall.

The publisher explains that the book has Dio looking back on his life "from his hometown in upstate New York to the biggest stages in the world."

The publisher goes on to explain the following:

As Ronnie contemplates the achievement of a dream, he reflects on the key aspects that coalesced into this moment — the close gang of friends that gave him his start in music, playing parties, bars, frats, and clubs; the sudden transition that moved him to the microphone and changed his life forever; the luck that led to the birth of Rainbow and a productive but difficult collaboration with Ritchie Blackmore; the chance meeting that made him the second singer of Black Sabbath, taking them to new levels of success; the surprisingly tender story behind the birth of the Devil Horns, the lasting symbol of heavy metal; his marriage to Wendy, which stabilized his life, and the huge bet they placed together to launch the most successful endeavor of his career…his own band, Dio.

Everything is described in great detail and in the frankest terms, from his fallout with Blackmore, to the drugs that derailed the resurrection of Black Sabbath, to the personality clashes that frayed each band.

The book is also said to be "a frank, startling, often hilarious, sometimes sad testament to dedication and ambition, filled with moving coming-of-age tales, glorious stories of excess, and candid recollections of what really happened backstage at the hotel, in the studio, and back home behind closed doors far away from the road."

In addition to the help of Wall, the book features a preface by Dio's widow, Wendy Dio.

Down below, you can check out the full cover of Rainbow in the Dark.

You can learn more about the book and pre-order it here.

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