​Ron Sexsmith Pens Dark 'Deer Life' Fairy Tale Novel

​Ron Sexsmith Pens Dark 'Deer Life' Fairy Tale Novel
Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith is set to put his writing skills to the test in a new arena. In addition to his Juno Award-winning records and award-worthy dad jokes on Twitter, Sexsmith will be able to add published author to his list of accomplishments next year.
He'll make his literary debut with a novel titled Deer Life, which is due out in late 2017 through Dundurn Press.
According to a press release, the book is a "fantastically grim fairy tale" that tells the story of a boy who accidentally runs into trouble with a witch. Humorously weaving through "witchcraft, bullying, revenge, and a mother's undying love" — plus a mysterious bowler hat — the idea for the story originally came to Sexsmith in a dream.
"Given his brilliant lyrical ability, I wasn't surprised to see him ably shift into writing engaging, funny, yet poignant prose fiction," said Dundurn Press acquisitions editor Shannon Whibbs. "It was a pleasure to read an early draft of Deer Life. It made me laugh, it made me think, and I was caught up in the fairy-tale world he has created and described so evocatively."
Sexsmith's most recent full-length musical release arrived as last year's Carousel One LP.