Rodney DeCroo "War Torn Man" (video)

Rodney DeCroo 'War Torn Man' (video)
Rodney DeCroo's "War Torn Man" dropped on his 2006 album of the same name, but the folkster has just delivered a compelling clip for the acoustic tune, written about his father's experiences in the Vietnam War. Director Flick Harrison frames the harrowing vid in shaky black and white shots referencing the Collateral Damage footage of attacks in Iraq obtained by Wikileaks last year.

DeCroo walks through a cityscape with guitar in hand, consistently in the crosshairs, as a small group of people nearby get gunned down. Between the calmness of the cut and the slow-paced shots, it's a tension-filled watch.

"Flick understands the tension between good story telling and the expression of political ideas. It was his idea to reframe the song through the context of the Collateral Damage video footage leaked by Wikileaks," DeCroo said in a statement. "It was Flick who pointed out that nowhere in the song do I actually mention the Vietnam War and that it easily could be about the present wars in Iran and Afghanistan. He said he wanted the visual representation of the song to be as stark and direct as the song itself."

Watch the video for "War Torn Man" below.