Rock Plaza Central Lay Into Proroguing Politicians in New Video

Rock Plaza Central Lay Into Proroguing Politicians in New Video
Fans of the alt-folk outfit Rock Plaza Central are likely still smarting at the news that the group have retired from touring. And while a message on their MySpace promises that they'll still play the occasional festival date and one-off performance, it's likely that their Toronto show this past Saturday (January 23) will be their last gig for some time. However, the band are offering their fans consolation in the form of a new video for "(Don't You Believe the Words of) Handsome Men," a song that first appeared on last year's ...At The Moment Of Our First Needing, or If They Could Turn Around, They Would Know They Weren't Alone.

The video is an ominous parody of numerous prominent politicians, offering a possible explanation of who songwriter Chris Eaton is referring to when he warns against "handsome men." Among the politicians portrayed are Stephen Harper, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, who appear alongside non-political figures such as Bill Gates and Donald Trump. This is spliced with footage of various political protests and an obligatory clip of Bush's infamous tribal dance. Check out the video below.

In a press release, Eaton explained, "Somehow, the job of politicians has gone from serving their countries to just trying to win elections, and from leading by example to belittling the opposition so much that they are elected by being the lesser evil." He added, "most of today's politicians will just tell you what the polls have told them you want to hear, and then you're ultimately let down."

As for what he will be doing during his band's time off the road, Eaton previously announced that he would be working on his third novel, tentatively titled Chris Eaton: a Biography (a novel by Chris Eaton). The book is about 25 characters, all named Chris Eaton, and the plot "relies on coincidence and the biographical form to create a story about identity and how we see each other and ourselves."

Rock Plaza Central - (Don't You Believe The Words Of) Handsome Men from josh lyon on Vimeo.