Robbie Robertson Sets Sights on Autobiography

Robbie Robertson Sets Sights on Autobiography
Robbie Robertson fans have had a long time to wait for new material from the former Band songwriter. On April 5, he will drop the guest-heavy How to Become Clairvoyant, his first solo album since 1998. Once that's out, Robertson will turn his attention to writing his autobiography.

The book's release date is still a ways off, and Robertson hasn't even begun writing in earnest. He told Reuters, "I just have to roll up my sleeves, get a cabin in the woods and do it properly."

Robertson has previously made multiple attempts to pen an autobiography alongside a ghost writer, but these efforts have been abandoned. Now that he's working alone, he hopes to have it out within two years through Random House.

This book will set the record straight about what really happened during the Band's legendary career. Speaking about Barney Hoskyns's 1993 Band biography Across the Great Divide, Robertson said that it was "very imaginative and random, and it wasn't what happened at all."

Interestingly, Robertson currently isn't planning on refreshing his memory by reading the autobiographies of past collaborators like Bob Dylan and Levon Helm. He mused, "I keep thinking, is it good for me to look at these, or is there just a pure innocence about me just going into this? I don't know if I want to know what somebody else did in their thing. But I do have a structure that I've started to sort out in mind."

Those looking for a preview of what Robertson will be writing about should give How to Be Clairvoyant a listen when it drops next month. The song "This Is Where I Get Off" reportedly addresses his departure from the Band.