Roam Depths

Roam Depths
Toronto's Roam is quickly earning himself a reputation for producing slick, substantive electronic pop music. This new four-track EP offers more of the same upscale garage, and a reminder that he's also a talented producer of lush downtempo material.
"The Fall" is one winner; his falsetto vocals are a perfect match for the beats and elegant synth lines. Roam's craftsmanship is world class, and it is on full display here.
A darker track, "Void," follows, where an electric guitar, synth drone and wind sounds lend the piece tension. Roam has taken a more spacious approach to this track; it's not unlike some new dub material we've heard, the atmosphere is thick and it works.
Next is "Let Me Go," where energy comes right back up. It is the EP's most aggressive track, but as always, Roam keeps his cool and the piece is beautifully composed.
Appropriately enough, the EP closes with "Exits." The beats are dense, with growling synth lines and a sultry vocal from collaborator Lois; it's a kind of bookend to the EP's similarly pop-oriented opener. DSTRY affiliate producer Roam continues to impress. Can't wait for more. (Independent)