Ro Sham Beaux Ro Sham Beaux

If CTI Records released an album geared towards the indie rock and jam band crowds, it might sound something like the inaugural offering from Boston-based quartet Ro Sham Beaux. And that's meant as a compliment. The foursome have their technical chops down to a tee. The rhythm section of bassist Oliver Watson and drummer Jacob Cole groove with the perfect balance of funky fluidity and tasteful nuance, sax man Zac Shaiman blows lines that are expressive, not overemotional, and despite the digital keyboard he's using, Luke Marantz clearly digs the vintage Fender Rhodes sounds of classic '70s fusion. The combination yields 11 tracks and save for a feeble cover of Björk's "Joga," this is a melodically diverse and addictive set that reveals new surprises with each listen. Like Robert Glasper and Esperanza Spalding, Ro Sham Beaux excel at creating contemporary and accessible jazz for a new generation without sacrificing a whit of integrity or bowing to genre boundaries, making this an assured, promising debut. (Red Piano)