Rivulets Rivulets

Imagine if Hayden was bunkered down somewhere out in the American Midwest. Now, imagine if he wrote songs with titles like "Lacklustre.” Not much of a stretch, eh? Not far from this imagined sound is Rivulets, mostly the project of one Nathan Amundson. Amundson's voice is more tender and nuanced, with more range, and he plays his instruments better than that other mopey guy from Thornhill. Low's Mimi Parker is a guest vocalist and percussionist on the excellently-titled track, "Barreling Towards Nowhere Like There's No Tomorrow.” This is pretty slow, quiet music, mellowly etched onto your brain through soundwaves that undulate through your speakers more like smoke in a still room. Introspective and contemplative, with a moody feel that takes up space with a low-key, aching emptiness, and is vaguely disturbing in a sleepy way. Still, before the album ends, chances are you'd have had enough of wallowing in Rivulets cold, bleak light and will want to get out and do something happy for a change. (Chair Kickers Union)