Rivulets You Are My Home

Slow, sad and beautiful are three facets that, if not perfectly aligned, tend to throw each other out of sync. Yes, even being too beautiful is a downside as it tends to rob the music of a human frailty that allows it to connect to the listener. Rivulets, or Nathan Amundson, first jerked the tears on a fabulous EP, You’ve Got Your Own, but this is his third album and his most sonically ambitious. This is due to the extensive backing friends like Jessica Bailiff and Christian Frederickson (Rachel’s), among others. Thus, Amundson’s palette is bold, yet subtle. "Motioning” finds its inspiration in the repeating guitar, lone piano and Amundson’s perfectly heartbreaking falsetto, while "Heartless” incorporates strings and hushed drums to make its point. Both of these are hallmarks of this disc and both showcase the perfect sync that slow, sad and beautiful can evoke in a listener. I love Rivulets not because I get to wallow in my own angst and frustration, but because Amundson has such an original and affecting ear for emotionally naked splendour. You Are My Home is a triumph, but a hard-won one. Unlike the title, Rivulets should be everyone’s home. Just have some patience. (Important)