Rival Sons Feral Roots

Rival Sons Feral Roots
California-based rockers Rival Sons offer up sixth studio album Feral Roots. With every album released, Rival Sons often aren't given the spotlight they deserve — assumedly because they appear to follow the same patterns with every album they deliver. That said, Feral Roots, just like their previous five albums, is a very good, well crafted album — it just doesn't offer any new surprises or diversity from past projects.
"Back in the Woods" is clever, offering odd drum breakdowns and an interesting guitar solo, followed by "Look Away," a track that opens with an acoustic guitar solo before transforming into a heavy, stadium rock tune.
Throughout the rest of the album, the band deliver strong, stand-alone tracks. Vocalist Jay Buchanan sounds impeccable; he has the kind of vocal control and clear enunciation that assumedly takes time and precision to train. Guitarist Scott Holiday, often the face of the band, shares the spotlight with Buchanan, in a conversational kind of way. Acoustic guitar is heard on more than one track on this album, offering more colour and depth to songs such as "Shooting Stars," a track that seamlessly transitions from unplugged to plugged.
Rival Sons are a great band with a great sound; the only thing they're guilty of is doing what they do really well, but then exhausting it over and over again. (Atlantic)