RITUAL "Rat Queen" (video)

RITUAL 'Rat Queen' (video)
Dead and Divine really beat their own dead horse with their farewell performances, which seemed never ending. Perhaps it's because they didn't really want to give up music, or at least vocalist Matt Tobin didn't, as he returns with RITUAL. Hinted at and teased as of March 24, the band have finally released their first track via a new video.

"Rat Queen" should surprise absolutely no one, as it is the sonic continuation of Dead and Divine. For those unfamiliar with that band, think a Southern-tinged metalcore, sort of like Canada's answer to Every Time I Die.

Visually, it's your standard fare performance video, alternating between quick movements and slowed-down shots, all while blurred and bathed in red lights. Between a bloody tinge (and vomit), the band's name/logo and some candle imagery, it appears the band are going for a creepy occult theme.

Although there's no further information on the new band, those curious can keep their eyes on RITUAL's social networks and website in anticipation of more.