Stigmatas in the Flesh

BY Kiel HumePublished Aug 21, 2012

Live records are always kind of a gamble, because they generally either feature crappy versions of your favourite songs and you never end up listening to them or the tracks sound exactly the same as the album versions, save for the solos, so you can't air-guitar along with the same gusto you're used to. In heavy music, the risks of a live record also include just general bad recording, the result of which is an entire set lost in a blur of distortion. Luckily, Ringworm's first live release, Stigmatas in the Flesh, suffers none of these issues, sounding like a kick-ass live album. Recorded at an anniversary show for A389's sixth birthday in 2010, Stigmatas in the Flesh sears with energy, showcasing Ringworm at their best, backed by a sound quality that makes it worth owning. The only problem you'll find is that you'll wish you were actually at a Ringworm show, experiencing all the sweat, beer and overwhelming-yet-comforting heat of a live hardcore concert.

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