Hammer of the Witch

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Mar 14, 2014

People tend to ignore Cleveland's Ringworm as an integral part to the thrash metal/hardcore scene, with vocalist Human Furnace perhaps being its acid-spitting monarch. Even 23 years couldn't cool the fire he spits, nor its fuel: the ominous crossover, metallic hardcore backing. Throughout their stint with Victory Records, Ringworm undoubtedly maintained their position as the label's most extreme act, especially as the label fell off harder than Metallica.

Now partnered with Relapse Records, one of extreme music's finest, the band do a damn good job at vying for that position. Opener "Dawn of Decay" kicks off Hammer of the Witch with a sinister introduction, which makes way for a nonstop thrashing hardcore assault. There are no interludes or breaks, a consistency that is both the band's greatest strength and only weakness; there is little variance in the (high) quality or sound. This won't bother most listeners — they'll be too busy banging their head to notice.

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