Riff Raff Reveals 'Neon Icon' Album Art

Riff Raff Reveals 'Neon Icon' Album Art
Enigmatic rap oddball Riff Raff hasn't announced the exact ETA for his impending debut album Neon Icon, but the grill-sporting MC has given us the gaudy visuals that will serve as its cover art.

Riff Raff served up the art yesterday (September 15) over Twitter. As you can see up above, it features the rapper nonchalantly posing in front of a portrait of James Franco himself .

Other interesting touches include the glamorous swimsuit models, some ancient pillars, a glass table full of grapes and citrus fruits, and that fancy golden chalice Riff's holding. He also seems to be inspecting a freshly done manicure. Oh, and all the text is displayed in retina-burning neon lights.

A proper tracklisting has yet to arrive, but Riff Raff had previously reported that Neon Icon will feature guest appearances from the likes of A$AP Rocky, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller and more.

Until we hear said tracks, you can check out Riff ripping it up with Action Bronson on producer Beautiful Lou's new "Long Pink" single, which went up for download today (September 16) as part of the Adult Swim Singles series.