Ride Receive Deluxe Treatment on Nowhere Reissue

Ride Receive Deluxe Treatment on <i>Nowhere</i> Reissue
In a perfect world, we would have been treated to a total shoegaze press battle between My Bloody Valentine and Ride that would have rivalled Beatles vs. Stones mania, or at least the Blur vs. Oasis craze of the mid-'90s. Clearly, that never happened, with My Bloody Valentine generally getting the most acclaim during the era via their legendary Loveless album. Ride was pretty damn good too, as evidenced by the dense, swirling sonics of their 1990 debut, Nowhere. For whatever reason, Ride never caught on the same way MBV did, but a new double-disc reissue of the early effort is aiming to correct any past wrongs.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album, Rhino has announced its master plan for the under-appreciated release. The two-disc package features the U.S. version of Nowhere, as well as the Today Forever EP on one CD, while another contains an unreleased live show. Other goodies include a 40-page booklet of photos and liner notes.

If the shoegazing band finally get the credit they rightly deserve, might we suggest an early anniversary reissue for their equally mind-bending follow up, Going Blank Again? We don't think we can wait another couple of years for that one's twentieth.

Check out the tracklisting below. The Nowhere: 20th Anniversary Edition will be released December 21.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

Nowhere: 20th Anniversary Edition:

CD1 (Nowhere and Today Forever):

1. "Seagull"

2. "Kaleidoscope"

3. "In a Different Place"

4. "Polar Bear"

5. "Dreams Burn Down"

6. "Decay"

7. "Paralysed"

8. "Vapour Trail"

9. "Taste"

10. "Here and Now"

11. "Nowhere"

12. "Unfamiliar"

13. "Sennen"

14. "Beneath"

15. "Today"

CD2 (Live at the Roxy, 1991):

1. "Polar Bear"

2. "Seagull"

3. "Unfamiliar"

4. "Dreams Burn Down"

5. "Like a Daydream"

6. "Vapour Trail"

7. "In a Different Place"

8. "Perfect Time"

9. "Taste"

10. "Nowhere"

11. "Chelsea Girl"

12. "Drive Blind"