Rick Ross Is Hiring a Private Flight Attendant for Close to $160,000

Watch out for buffalo crossings

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Nov 22, 2023

When you reach Rick Ross's level of wealth, you tend to start spending your money in crazy ways. I mean, his Instagram username is literally "richforever." Now, he's looking to spread some of those funds around by hiring a flight attendant for his private jet and promising a salary that could amount to nearly $160,000.

The Mississippi-born rapper and mogul posted an Instagram story this week announcing the job posting for his plane, named Maybach Air after his label Maybach Music Group

He was quick to clarify that the ideal candidate will act as more than just a flight attendant — they'll need to help with preparing food, entertaining passengers and be trained in CPR. 

"You gotta have experience, you gotta have that positive vibe," he said. "You gotta be able to prepare the cuisine, serve the cuisine. I've had a seizure on the plane before, you gotta be able to handle CPR."

He prefaced that by revealing the position's salary would range from $85,000 USD ($116,754.72 CAD) to $115,000 USD ($157,962.27 CAD).

So, if you have flight attendant experience and are looking to make a little extra money — Indeed lists the average salary for the position at around $28 per hour — then it might be time to leave Air Canada behind and get in touch with the Maybach boss. Watch the entire announcement and find out how to apply at the highlighted Instagram story here.

And, while some people might get on his case and say he's spending his money carelessly — well, at least he's not buying more runaway buffaloes.

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