Rick Ross "Phone Tap" (video)

Rick Ross 'Phone Tap' (video)
Hip-hop heavyweight Rick Ross knows how to spend his hood billions wisely, keeping his SEO up with regular music videos. Up next, he's shared a clip for album cut "Phone Tap."

The video's a truly international caper, which sees Rozay being tailed throughout Europe. There are fancy cars, lush backdrops and a plot with plenty of suspense. It's like Rick Ross' very own Bond film.

Speaking with The FADER, who premiered the vid, Ross said, "The 'Phone Tap' record is one of my favourites on my latest album Hood Billionaire. We shot it in Geneva, Switzerland, and it embodies everything I wanted it to. It came out perfect. I have to salute the genius [director Ryan Snyder] for his vision on this video."

Watch the video for "Phone Tap" below.